Andre Dubus in Iowa, with Paul Engle

Andre Dubus in Iowa, with Paul Engle


Iowa Writers' Workshop (Dey House)
507 North Clinton Street, Iowa City, Iowa

Dubus writes about his stay in Iowa in his essay collection Broken Vessels: Essays.

These days I barely have the heart, the will, to do something as insignificant as writing fiction. I cannot write about something as trifling as my life at Iowa, where my first wife and I thought we were poor because we had four children and a twenty-four-hundred-dollar a year assistantship and surplus food every month and I sold blood for twenty-five dollars a pint every three months and earned a hundred dollars a month teaching the Britannica Schools Correspondence Course; in my final year Richard Braddock and Paul Engle gave me a thirty-six-hundred-dollar assistantship, and we were no longer eligible for surplus food.


Dubus, Andre. Broken Vessels: Essays. Open Road Media: New York (2010).