Andre Dubus and Robert Lacy at Marv’s Tavern

Andre Dubus and Robert Lacy at Marv’s Tavern


Iowa City
123 S Linn St

Robert Lacy remembers his time in Iowa, in his essay “Richard Yates in Iowa”: 

Marv’s was where he gathered with some of his students–Jim Crumley, Andre Dubus, Jim Whitehead, Ted Weesner, myself, others–after class. We looked forward to those gatherings in Marv’s, but not as much as Yates seemed to. We married students had wives and kids to go home to, and he didn’t. It was something he used to remark on: “Guess you guys are leaving, huh?” he’d say. “Got to get home to the little woman, right? Nobody wants to have another one with me? Just one?”

“Better not, Dick,” we’d say, and out we would go, leaving him sitting in the booth alone.


Lacy, Robert. “Richard Yates in Iowa.” The Sewanee Review.  vol. 118, no. 3, 2010, 422-428.