Wallace Stegner: College and Dubuque St

Wallace Stegner: College and Dubuque St

Corner of College and Dubuque St

Located in the Iowa City Pedestrian Mall, this location appears in Wallace Stegner’s fiction.

Literary Reference

Wallace Stegner: College and Dubuque St

In Wallace Stegner’s short story Beyond the Glass Mountain, two alumni (an Iowa City businessman and a Yale professor) meet after 17 years apart. The visitor from Yale …

found himself at the corner of College and Dubuque Streets in Iowa City, at a little past ten on a Sunday morning in May, and as he stopped on the corner to let a car pass, the utter and passionate familiarity of everything smote him like a wind….the stone lace of the hospital tower…the union and the reserve library strung out along the riverbank…

This location is now the Pedestrian Mall.

Harper’s Magazine (May 1947): pgs 446-52