Downtown Iowa City (Ped Mall)

Downtown Iowa City (Ped Mall)

14 South Clinton Street

Downtown Iowa City is the economic and cultural engine of the Iowa City community. It is home to a wide variety of independent, locally-owned boutiques and shops , as well as some of the very best dining and entertainment options in the state. Culture and entertainment options abound. Whether visitors are seeking live music, theater, art galleries, films, or impromptu on-street jams, a five-minute walk through Downtown Iowa City will offer all of the above and more.

Literary Reference

T.C. Boyle on Downtown Iowa City

It was late summer in Iowa, hills and square-faced buildings and leaves as green as a feat of the imagination. There was a party for new students on a muggy September day in one of those big old houses downtown somewhere, and I remember Fred Exley swaggering in with two shining and beautiful students in tow […] and a quart bottle of vodka, from which he was swigging as if it were a big cold translucent beer. It would be many years later, when ‘Pages From a Cold Island’ came out, before I understood where he’d been and what his frame of mind might have been like that day, but at any rate I was impressed: here was a writer.

from ‘This Monkey, My Back’, T.C. Boyle