Currier Hall (Currier House)

Currier Hall (Currier House)

413 North Clinton Street

The Currier House, a residence house on the University of Iowa campus, was located on the corner of Bloomington and Clinton streets, where the current Currier Hall dormitory now stands.


Flanney O’Connor’s life at Currier House

During her graduate years at the University of Iowa, 1945-47, Flanney O’Connor lived at Currier House, a dorm for women, where she shared a room with two other students:

At Currier House, she lived with a couple of rumba-loving suitemates who cranked up volume on the record player. While remaining friendly toward them, she soon relished their weekend departures.

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Mildred Wirt Benson at Currier Hall

During Mildred’s time at the University of Iowa, she stayed in Currier Residence Hall. Today, Currier Hall is the home of the Undergraduate Writing Floors — a specified place for undergraduate writers to reside together as a community.

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